our pitch guidelines set out how to plan and prepare your investment presentation so that it’s well received by investors and you have every chance of success.

Are you investor ready?

The ability to raise capital varies greatly depending on the stage of your business, your Industry, your experience, the requirement and urgency for capital, the financial risk and ultimately the financial return to the investor or investors.

The most common question we’re asked is “If I publish my investment opportunity will I be successful in raising the capital I require”. Your presentation and offer of investment in your venture needs to stand out, be well planned, clear and to the point. This can be a daunting exercise and you may wish to engage a Capitalmatch mentor to assist you with this process.

Investors want to know what their return on investment will be and when they can realise their return. If this is not clear, realistic and supported by documentation it will be unlikely that your investment opportunity will be accepted. Don’t underestimate how long it will take for you to raise capital you require. In some instances this could be up to one year or more.

If your new to Equity Crowdfunding we encourage you join Capitalmatch to access our user guide, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions and consider engaging a mentor to assist you through the capital raising process.

The basic requirements

  • a summary of your business and investment opportunity
  • a business and marketing plan
  • a registered business entity
  • up to date financials or projections
  • an Offer Document or Memorandum
  • an exit strategy for investors
  • Do you know how much money you need to raise?
  • Do you know how much equity you will offer investors?

Pitch guidelines

Our step-by-step process guides you through the setup of your Investment Pitch. Join for free and download our pitch guidelines, learn what Investors expect, the questions they may ask and how to prepare before posting your investment opportunity on Capitalmatch.